Frankford PTA is committed to helping our environment with the World Wear Project and Toner Recycling Project. Thank you for your help!




Be a part of diverting thousands of pounds of shoes and clothing from local landfills by filling our blue bin with your gently used shoes, clothing, purses, belts, wallets, hats, caps, backpacks, hard toys, stuffed animals and pots and pans. For every pound you bring to our bin, our school’s PTA receives $0.15 per pound. Help us out by getting your family involved in cleaning out your closets today – fill the bin!


Founded in 2010, World Wear Project is a for-profit social impact business based in Dallas, TX.  They turn excess shoes and clothing into a profit for charity organizations and schools to fund their community programs and service initiatives.  They have partnered with over 250 organizations locally and nationally to help them help themselves and others. Once the shoes and clothing collection bin is placed, they pick up the collections at least once a week, if not more often.  They weigh everything collected from our bin in their warehouse and World Wear Project pays $0.15 per pound for every pound of shoes and clothing collected. The shoes, clothing, and many other items that they accept are sold and shipped to customers in developing countries. World Wear Project’s partners help divert shoes and clothing from landfills, create community awareness about recycling, and promote global responsibility – all while raising funds for school programs!



Items You May Donate

Items Not Accepted


Furniture of any kind




Kitchen appliances


Appliances with cords


Items made of glass







Hard Toys


Stuffed Animals


Pots and Pans



We are collecting ink cartridges and old cell phones. The money raised from these recycling projects is used by the FMS PTA and directly benefits your kids! These items can be dropped in the blue bin beside the library inside the school.


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