At Frankford, all students taking PE are required to wear a dress code compliant PE uniform. We recommend that you have more than one uniform set in case something gets lost or doesn't come home for a while to visit the washing machine.


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About Pre-Athletics and PE in Plano ISD

Pre-Athletics Grade Placement: 6

This course is designed to equip and prepare any student who wishes to eventually enroll in 7th and 8th grade Athletics. Through the curriculum in the Pre-Athletics class, students will have an enjoyable
experience learning the fundamentals of strength and conditioning, dynamic stretching, health and nutrition, and sport specific skills. Pre-Athletics will allow students to explore their athletic future while
teaching them what is expected of an athlete in Plano ISD.

PE Physical Education Program

Students are required to complete 4 semesters of physical education during their middle school grades 6 through 8. The Physical Education Program is designed to provide appropriate instruction in health, wellness, fitness and skill development to enhance the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of every student. Every student has the opportunity to explore a variety of fun and challenging activities each semester engaging in an active lifestyle. Activities such as, rock climbing, bowling, tennis, soccer, basketball, golf, archery, and badminton are just a few activities delivered during developmentally appropriate lessons. A variety of technological tools will be used during physical education class time to assist the student’s education about their personal intensity of exercise and assist with personal fitness goal setting.