Welcome from the PTA President




Our world has changed at a snap of a finger, but I must say that with some of the challenges, has come opportunities.  More family time, life at a slower pace, catching up with friends and distant family. 

I will not go into all the negative aspects, we all know what they are, so how about doing something positive? 
Send a note to a Teacher or Staff Member, or a funny video, they miss seeing us too!
See if a neighbor that might not be able to go the store due to one reason or another, needs anything.
Do one of the many ideas floating around of pictures or items in our windows so kiddos can look for them on their family walks.
Most of all, be kind to the people in your house, we do not all handle this the same way.
A lot of people say their kids are their world, but now we dictate the world for our kids.  Let the stories they tell their kids be one of kindness, patience and an endless playlists of songs you sang while washing their hands.
Stay safe!
Tracy L.D.  Howerton